Claude thought he had a telephone call from his grandmother’s ghost today.  We were out going to have an imaging test run for him.  My brother called and after talking with me for a while, he asked if he could speak with Claude. More... 

Of course I said yes even though he’d called me.  But fate or whatever took over and Claude’s phone rang about the time I was going to hand him mine.  I told my brother that my husband had just gotten a call on his phone but my brother heard it anyway and told me that he’d call later and to tell Claude he loved him.

When I turned in the seat to look at my husband, who was sitting on the passenger side, I noticed his eyes getting big and could hear some of the conversation.  It went like this:  “Claude, it’s grandma.”

Now, I know my husband had a stroke but he only lost short-term memory.  Surely he realized that both his grandmother’s have transcended.  That sounds better than passed (like a kidney stone) or died (so final).  He was quiet though.

So, she repeated her statement.  That’s when he asked what number she was calling and believe it or not, it was his.  So she repeated, “Claude.” 

“Yes mam,” he replied, compliant as any grandson hearing his grandmother speak to him after about thirty or forty years of being on the other side.

Then he thought again, “Mam, what’s your grandson’s name?”


“Claude, you said.”

“Oh, no no, it’s Clark ____.”

“Mam that’s not me.”

She gave him her I’m sorry’s and hung up.

Claude looked at me and I asked as sweetly as I could, “Claude, why didn’t you say, ‘Oh Grandma, it’s been so long since we talked because you’re dead.’”

He was still thinking about the call.  I asked him if he thought she was calling to tell him she was coming to get him?

Don’t you think it’s fun being married to a psychic/medium?

Da Juana