Ghostly coincidence or not?

Ghostly coincidence or not? You be the judge.

The other night, rather late for visitors, a friend and I were sitting and talking when the doorbell rang.

The dogs jumped from the sofa and ran to the door. So, after looking over at him, I got up to answer the door but found no one there. Ghosts generally leave my doorbell alone so I was surprised no one was there.

Because I’ve heard all kinds of knocks and other things manufactured by ghosts that others in the house with me don’t hear, I tend to ignore something like this but my friend had seen me get up to answer the door. As a matter of fact just to let me know my ghostly friends are aware of what I’m writing now, someone just created a knock in my kitchen causing my dog to raise her head momentarily to investigate. Oh, well.

At any rate, on that night when I walked back into the den I looked over at my friend to see puzzlement in his eyes. Knowing that this type thing happens around me a lot, I sort of felt a little foolish and asked timidly, “Did you hear the doorbell?”

Instead of reaching for the phone to call the nearest mental facility he answered in the affirmative and then reflected, “Was there no one there? Maybe it was a kid.”
“Could have been I said but they don’t generally do that to me.”

The next morning, bright and early, he called to tell me that a friend of his had died of a massive coronary at about the time the doorbell had rung. Then he questioned if I had seen his friend to which I answered, “No.”

You see there’s so many that come through my house I don’t always request their names or more information but if it’d been his dead friend he probably would have insisted I tell my guest. That’s mostly how my ghostly visitors act.

Da Juana

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