Ghostly Encounters

Ghostly attention is sometimes unexpected even when you are a medium and a psychic. Take last night. Richard got up to go to the bathroom while we were watching a television program, really I was reading and he was watching.

When he left to walk into the bathroom and after some friendly advice I gave him on some topic I may not discuss here I was left alone and went back to my reading. That’s when I heard someone pick up an item of metal on his chair side marble-topped table and tap it about three times. Of course a person would glance over to see what was happening. Anyone would. I did.

And there was a person sitting in his chair with arm outstretched over his table top with something caught between two fingers tapping. At first I thought that perhaps it was Richard but upon further quick investigation I knew the person wasn’t him. And I knew that the person was a ghost. Logic dictates you rule out ever reason before you pronounce ghost.

When Richard entered the room again, I told him that a ghost was sitting in his chair. And I don’t know why it is but people always ask me who it is. I replied that I didn’t ask.

Since it was time for an ice and tea refill, I got up to go to the freezer/refrigerator and started to fill my glass with ice from the dispenser. That’s when I had my next ghostly encounter. Because as it was I was still a little irritated about the chair and being asked who it was because thought I knew the person. They showed themselves as much younger which happens a lot.

At any rate I’d gotten about two cubes of ice when someone or something pushed the ice maker towards the front of the freezer or so I thought. Not thinking well lately. The door flew back towards me but not enough to hurt me, just enough to catch me off guard and it did. I may or may not have said a small cuss word.

Then I told Richard about it. He’d heard the commotion. I checked the ice-maker. It was still in place maybe because I’d shoved the door closed when it opened on me.

The ghost countenance flashed in front of my face again sitting in the chair. Think it was my dad. He had a wicked sense of humor. And I’d been thinking of him for the last few days. The young man sitting in the chair was him around World War II time. He was a pretty man. Is it okay to say that about your father?

Happy New Years daddy.

Da Juana