Ghostly orbs

Well here we are again and guess what?  I got another question that I thought you might like. 

“What do you make of orbs (usually white) but other colors also, especially in digital photography?  Do you believe they are from the spirit world?  I started capturing many of these since a visit to Lily Dale last summer.  Patti”

Patti, the orbs you are speaking of can be anything from your usual run-of-the-mill ghost to angels.  I have had ghosts come to me in orbs bouncing off walls and in a whitish blue clear color. 

When you went to Lily Dale, you went with an open mind.  Since returning, you have begun to experience what you went looking for.  Your life will never be the same.  You should start to hear some of those ghosts soon. 

People think that seeing and hearing ghosts is hard but it is really as simple as asking.

Da Juana