Ghostly Serenade

This morning, while doing a radio promo with a really nice on-air personality, I was telling about having a ghost start singing to me while I was giving a reading. And the song she sang with gusto, I might add, was “Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon.”


It’s easy to like a song until you have heard it a thousand times and that’s just what happened over a two or three day period. This woman was so proud of her singing prowess that I was begging her to stop. You might have thought that a ghost would be singing “Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door,” but no, not this one. She picked that upbeat, whimsical, high noted song and sang it to me even when I woke up at night to go to the bathroom. You have never been serenaded until you have had a ghost decide to wow you. Later, I saw a motion picture that had that same thing happen to Whoopie in “Ghosts” and thought to myself, someone knew what they were doing there.


The only other time this happened to me was with a song I dearly loved…..note the ed. It is “Heard it through the grapevine.” What took that song out of my must play league was a grammar school talent show that I got talked into judging. We judges were to decide which acts should perform for the school. So we got to enjoy every little nuance. And I was doing pretty well until this one. There were a bunch of little girls, about nine or ten, maybe a whole lot more. It’s anyone’s guess but you know how something you don’t particularly want in your mouth and you can’t get rid of it grows, that’s what happened with these very prettily costumed little girls did. They were all dressed like grapes, even up to their little vine hats. When they walked out, in costumes no doubt made by one of the mothers, we judges were in awe. That is until the music started. You would have thought that while mother was making the costumes, the little girls would have practiced the song but alas, that was not to be.


After the song ended and we told the principal that these little girls were excluded from being in the school talent show, he promptly asked us to listen one more time. He must have known the mother. We did and then calmly explained that we hadn’t changed our minds. He went back, told the mother, came back to us and asked us to listen again. We did. We said no. He went back to mom, came back and asked us to listen again. What I was thinking after about the sixth time was, this mother was really making a good example for all the little girls to watch. To make a long story even longer, we told the principal one more time that if he wanted them in the show, he could put them there. We weren’t. When mother was told, you could hear her besmirching our talents as judges.


Haven’t judged a grammar school talent contest again but still listen to ghosts.


Da Juana