Ghostly surprises…

Most think that psychic/mediums have it easy because we talk to the other side….but, let me tell you, this can be very disconcerting when you are talking to a live person you don’t know about, let’s say, mowing grass.  Then a ghost whom you’ve never met walks within sighting distance and does something remarkable to catch your eye.More... 

The person with whom you’re speaking might not even know you’re a medium and if you’re trying to make a point, look off at the ghost and watch what they’re doing, you might not make quite the impression you want with the new live person.  They might think, as a police friend told me, that you’re lying because you’re not meeting their eyes.  I try to be cognizant of that fact but sometimes ghosts get my attention in odd manners.  

Ghostly guests have been known to come out of the ceiling upside down, look at me and zip back up.  Now you tell me, could you resist looking at a person with a hat on hanging upside down all the way to the waist above your head?  I know I couldn’t.  Or could you resist looking at a person who only showed you a head but it was a head of a beautiful woman with a wedding veil?  Again, I couldn’t.  Or could you resist looking at a snake in your living room?  Again, and oh wow!  I couldn’t. 

But you know what……I love watching my ghostly friends and visitors.  They let me know there is more to life than what is physical.  And even though I might look crazy or as if I’m lying when they surprise me, I don’t really care.

Da Juana

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