Ghostly visits

Lets talk ghosts. So many times I have people ask me to summon ghosts on their behalf. They never give a thought to the fact that ghosts are only entities that have lost their physical bodies. As a matter of fact, you are a ghost in a human body. Spirits or ghosts live on no matter what. This is something I teach in my book, “Ghosts Talk,” by the way.

But back to summoning these nice people and sometimes not-so-nice people when I work murders. I had a person tell me that he knew I would see the person he loved who had died earlier. It was his best friend’s father. While we stood outside, this man walked up beside him. The man, not the ghost, had followed me out and kept on talking because he wanted his loved one to come so that I would see him and tell him about him, which is exactly what I did. Now, that may seem as if I called the ghost up but I didn’t even know the ghost had died earlier because the man and I hadn’t spoken of it. His words to me when I started telling him about his ghost buddy was, “I knew you would see him if anybody did.”

Then he proceeded to tell me how his best friend had gone to a very well known television psychic and had not had the privilege of talking with his dad. Now here he was talking to a man that seemed like a father to him with my interpretation. Also, I didn’t know about the ghostly father figure because I didn’t really know the man who followed me out very well. I had only been around him a couple of times. 

To make a long story shorter, ghosts have minds of their own. I might ask them to come and join us but they make a choice. It is good of them to show up.

Da Juana