It tickles me how people feel about ghosts, especially since I’ve lived with them, well, forever.  Most everyone wants to believe in them since that proves life after death and they really want to experience first hand ghostly activity, almost, but they want it to be sterile.More... 

Some psychic/mediums tickle me too when they express that a house is haunted.  I’ve heard several say that everywhere they’ve ever lived ghosts were there too.  Duh…..generally when you hear about a “haunted” house, you’d better look at the inhabitants both living and dead.  Ghosts tend to follow those they know can see them.  So, if your house is “haunted,” and you can see the ghosts, it’s you.  Makes you feel sort of creepy, doesn’t it? 

That doesn’t mean that ghosts can’t visit different locations and therefore, “haunt.”  What it does mean is that you don’t know the place is haunted if you can’t see ghosts.  See we need each other.

It also tickles me when ghosts are in the news like they were this week in the UK.  The Eastington, Co Durham council paid a medium to come and remove ghosts from a rental they had because it cost less to have the medium work than it cost to put the inhabitants up in a hotel.  What the council didn’t realize is that they could have rid the house of ghosts themselves without the costs.

All they had to do was ask that the ghostly inhabitants leave or, at the very least, quit throwing clothes and making noise so that the live inhabitants could live undisturbed.  I’ve found that ghosts are wonderful this way.  They want to get along too.

Da Juana