Although I’ve been talking to ghosts and getting answers from them all my life, they’ve made themselves scarce around the house lately.  Oh, I know they’re there but they seem to have made a pact to give me a little more space.  It’s funny how they know when I need it.  And they also know that just being there, they are a real comfort to me too.More...

Since I was born to this life, they’ve always been around me.  When others felt alone, and I might have too at times, I also knew that they were there and that all I had to do was think about it and they’d show themselves.  What’s funny is that I knew but didn’t want to believe that they didn’t do this for everyone. I knew everyone talked to God and God answered until I finally came out of the psychic closet.  Boy was that a revelation.

Ghosts are my friends even though I might not have known them before they died or in a past recycled life.  Some are strangers, others aren’t, but they all lend comfort to me, not only in information that they give but also in just being there for me. 

People ask me often when I’m giving a reading, “Is this a live person?”  Then I have to answer, whether living or dead, when I’m reading, spirit looks the same.  And they do.  Sometimes I’m told though, by the spirit with whom I’m talking, that the person is alive or dead.  Remember what I’ve told you about live human beings.  They’re only ghosts in a physical body.  And that’s what I see.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Da Juana