Some have mentioned that because I communicate with ghosts I share two existences.  And I guess I do.  Does it make me different from others?  Only in the sense that most don’t spend their lives stepping from one world to another.More... 

When I’m in touch with ghosts, I’m in their world.  And communing with ghosts takes up much of my life.  At the same time I might be conversing with someone considered alive.  So part of me is in each dimension.  Sometimes that’s exactly how I feel: as if part of me is here and the other is there.  I admit that sounds weird.  Being very logical, that’s the only way I can describe my situation.

By the very nature of what I do, I allow a little part of others inside my own consciousness.  An example of that is when my doctor, after my going to him numerous times with some ailment or another, asked the right question of whether I’d given a medical reading with someone that week.  After admitting I had.  He told me that either I turned the person loose or I should quit giving readings.  I was having sympathy symptoms with those I’d read.

In order to help others, I have to give of myself.  That’s no big deal to me because that’s what I came to this life to do.  Some may accuse me of daydreaming.  I know better.  When you think I’m daydreaming, I may be talking with a dead loved one, yours or mine.

Da Juana   

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