Family members who’ve died and are described as ghosts tend to stay close to those on earth they love.

When a loved one goes to the other side, they worry about those they’ve left and will continue to stay close to try to help those loved ones cope with the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their death.  Because they love the individuals left behind, they can and do feel emotions those they left behind are feeling.  Once they make it to the other side most ghosts are matter-of-fact individuals, but when their loved one cries out for them, they feel the pain suffered by that loved one. 

On the other side, people are unemotional because they can see how every life’s aspect has its reasons for happening.  They can see the future as well as the past.  But when a loved one cries out for them, their focus is strictly on that person.

If you don’t want to hurt a dead loved one, then you need to remember that your hurt is amplified for them.  Once you stop thinking of them each minute of the day, they can start to go about their own lives on the other side.  They might stop in on you from time to time but they’re not going to spend the whole of their lives at your beck and call.

Ghosts don’t stop loving you just because they died.

Da Juana