Ghosts and Their Antics

Ghosts try all kinds of measures to get attention, especially if they think you know they’re alive and well and more especially if they think you’re trying to ignore them.

As a psychic and a medium, although I’m always on, I might treat my special ghostly friends just like I did my daughter once upon a time. If you’re a mother you know exactly what I mean. “Momma,” after a couple million times a day gets the modicum of attention unless you hear that one thing in a little voice that makes you look.

I’m not saying that ghosts are like little kids but sometimes I tend to listen with an ear to the more demanding ones. Don’t want to say that too loudly or the others might get less routine and holler (Texas word, I think).

Anyway I was at a ballroom (dancehall) I frequent in Fort Worth. The band was playing and I was getting into it without being able to dance. Richard, Alice and Max were with me. They’re long-time friends who’ve been through the cancer diagnosis and Richard’s continued weakness from the therapy hence my not being able to dance except in my chair.

The song the band played was a great one for my sit dance. I was singing along sort of except being the good medium I am, I’ve learned to repeat messages ghostly visitors send. It’s like typing. You just do it without reading much into it. So in the middle of the dance I repeated the phrase that was sung right behind my right shoulder and right between Alice and me. It went something like this with a very good beat, “Get away from me.” And I sung it perfectly. So perfectly that Alice jumped around to see who it was. Alice scanned from her left to right and behind her with this disbelieving expression on her face. She knows I love her. Her husband, Max, looked at me. His appearance said something was very wrong. Of course you tend to notice when two friends look at you as if you may have just lost your mind or maybe the stress is getting to you. Also, should I help my wife get away from her went across his face?

When I saw the look, I quickly said, “Didn’t you hear the band sing that phrase? It jumped out at me because they sung it.”

Both looked at me quizzically and said, “No,” they didn’t hear it. Then I proceed to make them remember, I thought. That makes them look at you as if you’re even crazier. Don’t like that word.

Next came my usual after ghosts have had their way with me as an interpreter and I may look a little disturbed in a good way. “Sorry, I really thought the band sang it. That’s the only reason I said it. It had to be a ghost.” I could feel them both mentally and metaphorically taking one hand each and patting it, saying that’s okay. It makes you feel a little different.

Both still love me I hope, even Richard who also told me the next morning the band didn’t sing it. So you see being completely embarrassed is one of the reasons I didn’t want to come back to this life although I did when I had my near death experience in 1980. Sometimes even your friends wonder. Even when they know what and who you are they may give that look.

One more and I’ll stop. Richard and I were eating breakfast of bacon and pancakes the other day, one of our dog’s favorites because he always gives my used-to-be little five-pound menace a whole strip of bacon. He divides it up, puts it on our glass-top breakfast table and she watches as he doles bacon out.

Well, he’d just given her a piece when I mentioned to him that Gabrielle was in hog heaven. As I said the last word, a well-meaning ghost said in his most logical style, “No, she’s not. The pig is.”

Now I know that’s a horrible line and I don’t want to get into the issue of eating meat over veggies right now but what that ghost man said made me laugh.

Of course Richard looks at me as if I’m a little, no maybe a lot, strange. Then I told him I’m never alone. Ghosts talk to me all the time and one just told me “No, she’s not. The pig is.”

He started laughing too. That’s when I also mentioned that when he catches me smiling at inopportune times, generally this type conversation is happening. I don’t always talk about it.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all.

Da Juana