Ghosts are in my life all the time….

You know ghosts are in my life all the time as we’ve discussed before. But sometimes these ghosts do something so out of the ordinary that I notice them immediately. I know. You think someone seeing ghosts is out of the ordinary.

Please don’t think I’m complaining about my ghostly company. I love them visiting me and the girls although the girls get a little put out by it at times especially when one bends down and acts as if he’s going to get my sweet Madeline. But you’ve heard that story.

The other day there was a man standing in my living room that I’ve just come to realize looked like the professor from “Back to the Future.” You remember the movie with Michael Fox in it. The ghost even had on a lab coat which made me look twice. Wouldn’t you notice someone like that standing in your living room?

At any rate, if the actor is dead he showed up and if he isn’t he has a twin on the other side or, at least, someone who likes to play dress-up to look identical him. And I don’t know about you but I think he’s kinda cute. We’d have to do a little something about managing that hair but he’s a looker.

This ghost must like me talking about him because he just marched through my hall as I was putting clothes in the washer and said something like “tell “C” hi for him.” And there might be an “N” in that name as well. So hi from him, “C.”

If you want to see ghosts all you have to do is ask, and they’ll be happy to oblige. Thought I might have to do some explaining here, really teaching, if you will.

Happy Haunting,

Da Juana,

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