Ghosts are not always what you expect.

Ghosts are not always what you expect. Most think that they should be transparent scary looking beings much like Hollywood portrays them and they can be if that’s what you expect. Just remember that like us flesh and bloods they have a mind of their own too.

The friendly ghosts I’ve had appear to me are not always in human form, partially because they may not have been human in their past reincarnation but also because they may prefer another method in which to get my attention. And that’s not saying that ghosts have a hard time contacting me because they don’t but I am used to seeing them all the time much like you would at an airport. People are all around you in such a setting but you don’t single them out because of all the people unless they do something unusual. And I don’t take them for granted but it’s rather like meeting people of different races, sizes, shapes and appearance.

Some spirit people come in bright spots dancing around in front of me like fairies while others might be a whiff of smoke emanating from nothing and moving quickly across in front of me. Other ghostly entities might like their shadow forms better or may even come looking like flesh and blood creatures. Perhaps they may even visit in what you consider a dream.

Whatever the appearance they manifest in it’s for our benefit. They do what they do to let us know that they’re real and most of all trying to communicate. Ghosts always have a reason for being where you are even if they are in large groups.

So, the next time you see someone moving around you from the corner of your eye, take a moment. If you know whether they’re female or male, then you’ve probably been visited. Most of all don’t be fearful. Let it sink in that you’re having a visitation, then ask why. Listen to the first thing that pops into your mind because it more than likely is your answer.

And, another small item, “Welcome to my World.”

Da Juana

P. S.

Here’s a question, “Since ghosts think is the mind the spirit?” Let me know your thoughts, please.