Ghosts Buster Da Juana Byrd

Ghosts Busters, I’ve heard that before in relationship to me but not as sweetly as I did from a little boy I love.

He’s been seeing ghosts now for a long time. Well as long as he’s been on this earth again at any rate. As a matter of fact the ghost that stays very close and one might consider being his guide is my brother. It’s nice that my brother is still taking his time to make children more comfortable just as he did while he was alive.

As a matter of fact this little one has even picked up some of my brother’s little colloquialisms, such as “How ya doing man?” and “Hey Bubba.” Along with telling him that he’s there for him no matter what he needs. My brother has even told him about his own youngest son, gave him his name and told him that he was his baby boy.

So when the child saw a picture of my brother’s baby, this little boy was aghast because of how tall my brother’s son is now. Someone in his twenties should still look like his baby boy.

The reason it came to my being a ghost buster for this child is because there’s been a ghost around that this child has called a monster from the get go. I know who it is and I understand why he wouldn’t want the ghost around him.

His mother has been reticent for me to tell her son anything about growing up like me and using his gifts. So I’ve been quiet. Finally after a harrowing episode with the child telling his mother that the monster was back, she told me to help him. Yea!

Last night I spoke with him and told him that he and I were alike. “How so,” he asked?

“We both see ghosts,” I said. “And you don’t have to have any of them that you don’t like around you. All you have to do is to tell them to leave and if you still don’t feel safe call me.”

“Oh,” he said, “you’re like the ghosts busters” to which I answered, “the original.” That was like a badge for me and I’m still smiling.

He said he’d call if he needed me. That feels good.

Ghosts buster here,

Da Juana Byrd