Ghosts’ Children have been playing

Ghosts’ children have been playing to the left side of the house as you come out the front door for about two weeks. It finally got my attention enough for me to tell Richard the other day.

There is a lot next to his house that is grown up in trees and undergrowth. I pointed to where I heard the children and he told me that is where the old home place used to be. He played with those children or one of them some.

Every time I heard them they were giggling and having fun, something I’ve had a need to hear over the last few weeks and they brought it to me. It’s funny to me how the ghosts try to help when they can, even when they’re showing themselves as children. Now that I’ve told Richard about his ghosts children next door, they’ve stopped and I miss it.

Ghosts, like the three I’ve been hearing, can appear at any age when they come to someone. Or for that matter any life even when they’re reincarnated and alive now. The wonders of God always amaze me.

Since Richard and I have been roommates I’ve had lots of ghostly activity here and he’s been able to verify almost all of it unless maybe he didn’t know the ghost dog or cat.

Oh that reminds me for those of you who wonder about animals on the other side; let me tell you about our camping trip. We had gone out of town to see the Perseid Meteor Shower in the last couple of weeks.

It’s dark out on the lake and Richard set up our chairs where we could watch. When I sat down beside him a dog ran under my chair from the left to the right. I’m noticing a pattern here. At any rate I started to reach down on the right side to grab the little pooch as it dived under Richard’s chair and continued on its journey. By the time I told Richard about the dog and was about to ask him to catch it I realized it was a ghost.

Of course he’d seen my reaction and because he’s getting more used to what I do he mentioned it was probably a ghost.

Not to be out done a ghost cat appeared on my left side too within a few minutes.

While I’m writing this I know that all ghosts appearing on the left side is for a reason. There are no accidents in this world and there is always a motive. The left side is intuitive. Maybe God and the friendly ghosts are trying to tell me something.

Da Juana Byrd