Ghosts come in many stylish manners.

Ghosts come in many stylish manners but they most always try to be courteous.

When I came to check on a very tall male friend I have, who was sitting on my sofa, he explained to me that he’d seen a shadow go by him on his right. That was okay except there was no one there who could make the shadow besides me, my dog, him (none of us did) and the ghost who “done” it.

To say the least he was just a tad upset. But who can blame a person unused to seeing such antics from those on the other side. To be sure this man is quite the prankster and possibly I could say that the ghost became one for him that night but that wasn’t exactly true.

For the past few nights before another ghost had taken to moving across my head and body with his shadowy image. On this night, however, it was probably this man’s mother. I haven’t mentioned that fact quite yet to him although I did say that it was a woman’s ghost. She wanted to make sure that he realized he’d just encountered a ghostly vision. So she did it in a way that would get his attention. And she did.

Bless his heart, (for you Southerners you know what this means) he’s becoming inundated with my world because he chose to become friends with me. It happens to all who associate with me at one time or another like the disc jockey who was visiting another air jockey friend of mine and while they made fun of me got a call on his cell from his home where he lived alone. He didn’t know whether to go home or not until after he checked with me. The ghost answered his call to see one by allowing him to know he was waiting at home for him.

Courtesy dictates that ghost spirits try to refrain from scaring us and she did but she did want him aware of her. Maybe later I’ll tell him who she was. Or maybe she will.

Da Juana

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