Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!

Ghosts never fail to amaze me.  Let me first clear up the reason I call them ghosts.  It seems humanity needs labels and they label a dead person’s spirit a ghost.  Therefore, I, being the person who loves to bring clarity to the world (sounds good doesn’t it), use the word that people recognize.  What I know is that we never die.  We are either spirit who isn’t cluttered by the human body clothing or we’re not, but either way, we’re alive.More...

Hope I made that clear.

When I’m talking to others, and not even talking about ghosts, but when someone mentions anyone, I see them immediately.  Whereas those who call themselves normal (I’m really the normal one.) would just stand or sit and go uh-huh occasionally, while listening to others talk, I see the people of whom they’re speaking, whether alive or dead.  Rarely do I not. 

Also, ghostly relatives and loved ones tend to walk up behind and a little to the side of people with whom I’m talking.  According to some, my looking in their direction and speaking at the same time indicates I’m lying.  But I’m not.  When they show up in that way I can see them and then explain to the person beside them that they’re there.

And they do some extraordinary things when I don’t acknowledge them, like sing or acrobatics and so much more.  They keep my attention and it makes me look, well deranged or something.  Hopefully, I’m not…..really.

Anyway, here’s to my ghostly friends, whether I know them or not.  You see I’m not one of those psychic/mediums that has one guide.  Anyone who walks up and has good information is a guide to me, kind of like, if you’re lost and ask for directions.  If the directions sound good, you use them.

Thankfully, I have lots of ghostly guides who give good directions.

Da Juana