Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts

I just did a radio show on my favorite topic, ghosts. The on-air host was amazed at how many people have ghost stories. And I was in hog heaven. In case you don’t know what hog heaven is, that’s when a pig has it’s very own mud puddle, has been fed and now can sleep without fear of bugs biting or anyone bothering him or her. It must be a wonderful state of being.


The reason that my friend, Bob, wanted to talk about ghosts is because it seems he and his wife have a couple now. His wife doesn’t have a problem with them but you know how men are. He’s worried. But we cleared up his dilemma immediately. After my telling his wife about the woman and the child, she chimed in and told me that she hears the child sometimes and that someone rattles the doorknob. That would be the lady.


I had to ask Bob why he was worried. Ghosts make good companions. They can baby-sit and keep your children occupied for hours. Not only that but they make good guard-ghosts by alarming you when something is amiss. They can turn on lights or turn them off. And appliances can be fun too. Why wouldn’t anyone in their right mind want a ghost to live with them? I know I love it.


The other night while talking to a friend, I even had one run her hand across my mouth and nose so that I could feel the heat of her slender hand but that was only because she wanted me to tell her daughter, who was on the phone with me, hello. With a ghost in the house, you are never alone. And they listen when you talk. Well, most of the time.


Da Juana