Ghosts grabbing my leg

Ghosts don’t care when they show themselves, touch or, with me, grab my leg if they’ve already found out that I won’t get upset over the grabbing.

Sunday night at The Stagecoach Ballroom I was walking back from the bar towards my chair but someone I know motioned for me to come over to them. (On a side note if you like Merle Haggard, then you might want to come listen to his son Marty do an homage for him July 9, 2016.)

Of course it was dark in there as most bars are and you could see but….. At any rate I veered off course to say hello to my friend when I was grabbed on my right calf dead-on under the knee. She watched as I stopped and turned round to fuss at the intruder but there was no one there. I started again and yet again I was grabbed by a big man’s hand right below where I’d been grabbed before.

This time, a little annoyed, I was ready to turn all the way round looking which I did. Well logic suggests if you don’t see anyone, then look for what might have grabbed you even though you knew it was a thumb and four fingers from a big man’s hand and my big man was at our table.

There was no chair or table that I was tangled with. It was all open space. By the time I turned back around to acknowledge and step closer to my friend, she already had the question out. “Why did you stop twice and look behind you?”

So I told her that what she doesn’t know about me is that I’m a Medium and a Psychic to which she went “Oh sure” with her eyes. Then I mentioned that I’d been like this all my life. My memory is that I saw ghosts before anyone physical as a baby. Since she doesn’t know me very well I hadn’t shared this with her.

There’s a reason. I like going and doing the regular things like socializing and dancing. When people know what I do they like to sit and ask me about it or most likely about themselves. That’s okay but I wasn’t on the psychic clock. I have to have time for myself too.

She helped me when I told her that I felt someone grab me with his hand and I was checking logically whether there was anyone there or if it was a table or chair. Because she’d seen me checking she introduced that there was nothing there but me. Her brain is quite logical too and she knew I wasn’t kidding about it. Now she’s got something to think about. Her rolled eyes, then coming to the conclusion that I was checking and then my confession all made her have to think about metaphysical behavior.

Things always happen for a reason and I’m sure this event has one too.

Unless you tell a ghost not to visit in certain places they will. My places that are off limits are my bathroom and when I’m in the bed participating in communal enjoyment. I’m not up for that type threesome if you get my drift. Although I may not know them and as long as they follow my rules, I try to give certain latitude to my friendly ghosts.

Da Juana Byrd