Ghosts have a mind of their own just as we do. You can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do.

As a medium and a psychic I tell people who would like to see someone they love and who are dead talk with them that ghosts are capable of conscious thought. You can ask that they come see you and they’ll make up their minds as to whether they do or not.

The only choice you have is when they are visiting you and you’d rather they didn’t you can tell them to leave or to leave you alone in some rooms, etc..

I know. It’s hard to believe that you could tell a dead person or one of those special spirits you loved to stay away from watching you on the potty and other special places and/or events but you can.

You can also tell them to stay away from you for good BUT you have to mean it. Not many of us can tell someone to stay away for good unless it’s an ex you had no affinity for.

This brings me to an event that a small child had with a ghost he calls the monster. Of course stranger danger brings some ghosts into a frightening scenario but this youngster speaks with ghosts a lot and isn’t frightened. One ghost he didn’t know but is his guide is an uncle that helps him and even told him that he’d take care of the other spirits who bother him BUT and here you have it again, no one can get rid of a visitor ghost but the one he or she came to visit. AND he or she has to mean it.

Children have a hard time telling an adult what to do even if that child is very sure of himself or herself. So, the ghost/monster returns. Heck, even I hate to hurt anyone’s feelings and that includes the other side.

What I want you to know is that you’re fully capable of telling both live and dead people to quit trespassing in your space, mean it and they will go away. They may not go far but you won’t notice them. Thus your feeling of safety is guaranteed.

Oh and one more thing. Each of us has the gift of discernment. If you feel funny as he does when the monster comes round it’s because you know their spirit. Spirits can’t hide their intentions. Though they can’t hurt you and you’re in complete control they can get into your space until you tell them to quit.

Just remember to mean it when you say goodbye to some well-meaning or not so well-meaning ghost.


Da Juana Byrd