Ghosts have minds of their own.

Many times I’ve seen the look of amazement when I say that ghosts have minds of their own. What, I want to exclaim? Obviously you think they don’t think anymore because they’re, well, ghosts?

Truly people are only ghosts in human form. After they leave the body, they’re still capable of thought which makes me think about the human mind. Where is it really? I think it left with them and is part of the spirit.

The brain isn’t the same thing as the human mind. It’s just a functioning computer system as Stephen Hawking says but he’s incorrect in that I know the spirit lives on after death whether he thinks so or not.

Logic has to be there for me or I don’t believe. My communication with all kinds of people after they’re gone to the other side has been substantiated by people for whom the messages were intended. Those readings sometimes astound even me but it’s given me the proof I need along with seeing many things that are paranormal that there is more to life than meets the eye.

But, back to ghosts and to the fact that they are fully capable of making decisions like deciding to stay around loved ones after they’ve supposedly departed. And though they may take time to do other things, they still keep in touch once the loved one can stand to live without them. That’s one of those amazing things to me.

Ghosts have been my alarms at times both in waking and warning me.

All ghosts think even the animal ones.

Da Juana

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