Ghosts in Color!

Here I am again with another question because I think it will help. Her question is:

“Hi, i want to help a close friend of mine, she has 2 ghosts in her home, one of the is black, very tall, the other one is dark brown.. the black one follows to my friend, the brown one follows her younger son. These ghosts make them feel tired, they take all their energy. Do you know what this difference in their color means? Is this something important to consider about? thanks… ”

Ghosts come in differing colors, sizes, shapes, different forms and something other than human. Now what I really want to talk about is the fact that you say the ghosts take your friend and her son’s energy. Ghosts don’t do that but as an empath, we don’t just take on the energy of other spirits but sometimes feed our energy to those we feel might need it. Perhaps your friends are doing just that.

Right now, I am entertaining a ghostly person at my house that likes to shadow around. Last night, while working on my computer, he eased up behind me and allowed his shadow to fall across my head and reflect off my computer screen. Being the logical person I am, I had to look behind me when I felt him and saw what he had done to make sure that I wasn’t working so hard that I missed Claude sneak up behind me. I wasn’t and, by the way, this ghost likes to wear and look very dark.

Da Juana