Ghosts in our house…

Ghosts in our house have been doing some extraordinary things. They’re not just drifting in and out or positioning themselves to talk with me. They’ve been quite creative in their manner of displaying themselves.

Generally, most ghosts, whatever kind of animal in their previous life, manifests in ways that I can tell who they were while alive. But lately, they’ve been looking like black silhouettes on the wall. Madeline and now Gabrielle are both in the mix barking to herald the newcomer in the house. And they don’t stop either, even after mother reassures them that it’s okay.

What’s more, I think that one giddy ghost loves the hoopla because he shows himself in funny postures such as only half way through the concrete slab of the house from waist up driving my dogs into frenzy. If I didn’t know better, and I haven’t asked, it’s probably my brother. It feels like him. He loves playing a good joke and he loved bugging Madeline.

This comical waist-up-wall behavior happened right before we were going to bed the other night. Madeline couldn’t be drawn away from the wall on which he practiced his art work. Had some other mother caught their doggy child doing this, and hadn’t seen the ghost work, they might have thought their dog had gone off the deep end but I knew better.

It took a while to calm her down but once I explained that it was fine and mother knew who was in the house, she became a little more docile but gave a few good growls and morphed barks to let us both know she was still on guard.

Thank goodness for Madeline’s protectiveness.

Da Juana