Ghosts, I’ve found, like to mess with new people in my life.

Ghosts, I’ve found, like to mess with new people in my life. If you’re around me for any period of time get ready to be impressed or maybe a little scared. But really there isn’t a reason for fear although most fear what they don’t understand. My mission seems to be to educate those who don’t understand.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not egotistical enough to believe that I’m the only one who can instruct another but it seems people tend to find me when they want a better education on the other side. At least that’s what I believe or maybe it’s just because they need to understand what I do in order to appreciate me as the person I am. That does sound self-centered, doesn’t it? But it’s not meant to be that way.

Take the man I’m dating now. When I realized that we would be dating I told him immediately what I was, a medium and a psychic. This was to let him make up his mind as to whether he wanted to be involved with someone like me because it’s not always easy. It can be interesting though as my friends will advise.

Maybe it intrigued him–or not. Whatever the reason he thought he was man enough to handle it. He still thinks he is and I’ve noticed he’s probably right. He’s honest to a fault and the nicest man I’ve ever spent a large amount of time with. I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t want to take a step back at times to re-evaluate our relationship however even though he says he doesn’t.

When we first started dating I didn’t acknowledge that he’d probably start to see ghosts which he promptly did. From the get-go he’s always tried to justify seeing them. What’s worse is watching him realize he has no justification, it just is. Here’s the southern part, “Bless his heart.”

You’ve heard about some of the visiting ghosts but you haven’t heard about this one. You know about the little kitten he had, we loved, that died. Well that kitten came to see me within a day or two of his death. I didn’t mention it until, while sitting at his house, I questioned where the live kitten we saved was. He told me that she had just run under my chair towards the sofa. You know what’s coming don’t you? He saw her run across the floor that way.

As he was relating this to me the yellow kitty came out of the bedroom. Uh oh, not the right kitten, at all. Before looking at him, I let it soak in. Then I turned to him and mentioned that I’d just seen the little dead kitten sitting on the sofa and that he knew the little yellow kitty wasn’t in the room with us. So that only left one kitten that he could have seen something I already knew. Not a word. He was silent. We haven’t mentioned it since but he knows.

I think God sends people into each other’s lives to learn. We’re both learning something and not just an I-told-you-so from me. Friends and some acquaintances who decide to enter my life get to add seeing ghosts to their repertoire.

All you have to do to see a ghost is to ask.

Da Juana

P. S. Read http://www.ghoststalk.comfor more on spirit.