Ghosts must think….

Lately, ghosts must think that I need them.  They’ve always been around but lately; they’re giving me some real different displays.More... 

For instance, the other night a rectangle, about two feet wide and a foot in length right about a man’s height, was filled with what looked like smoke rising from the bottom bar of the rectangle up the top of the bar, and then stopped.  The smoke moved but stayed within the bars of the triangle.  It really was quite beautiful.  The moment I started writing about the smoke I was reminded by the other side that I’d actually seen that one twice in past few days. 

The other morning I almost fell when I thought I was stepping on a small, brown and black, furry animal.  It looked like my daughter’s dead Yorkie, Riley.  Had you been here, you’d probably cracked up laughing at my shenanigans trying to keep from hurting an already dead creature. 

On another occasion recently, one of the more friendly of my ghostly comrades was a larger version of smoke rectangle only with the look and feel of water.  She hit me in my right shoulder.  Maybe hits not the right word for it, caressed my right shoulder as she went by, with her rectangular shape of about seven feet by six feet, while I walked through the house.  Oh, and yeah, I knew it was a woman.  She laughed as she went by.  And she had long blonde brown hair, which was flowing behind her as if she were being wind-blown.

I know, now you’re thinking, either she’s crazy or she’s one dang fine medium.  Well, I think it’s just because they know I can see, hear, smell or whatever them and they like showing themselves to me.  The only thing is that it’s almost as if they want me to have a little more laughter and enjoyment in life.  Think I’ll take the message to heart. 

Da Juana