Ghosts on the ceiling…

While, sick, and really not delusional, there were ghosts on the ceiling.  One of them was my dear, sweet, puppy, Mysti.  The house was like grand central with all the spirits moving in and out.  Perhaps it was because I was so close to the other side then.  Or maybe, they just wanted me to wake up to the fact that they were there.

Part of the time, I didn’t know anything was going on but at others, I saw these kindly spirits trying to make me laugh, I hope.  Seeing my puppy on the ceiling was a bit of a shock though.  She was walking with toes touching the ceiling right above me and looking down into my eyes.  Guess she wanted me to know she was there.  Of course anyone would notice something that bizarre, wouldn’t they?

I’ve been missing her very badly and even saying “Mystery” out of the blue.  My mouth just opened and there it was.  I think not hearing their names hurts the most.  It made me both sad and glad to hear her name.  Mystery Mariah was what I called her at times when we were both being very loving and had a moment to ourselves.  She knew it was a pet name and that’s no pun. 

Others came in and out but I don’t remember all of them.  Only a couple walked on the ceiling….my baby and some man.

Seeing ghosts is not unusual for me but when they provide different antics while showing themselves, I tend to remember them better.  There’s been one around lately that’s wearing a Halloween mask but it isn’t to scare me….better not be….we’d have problems then because I can be a little skittish.

Ghosts tend to do things they think will alarm you less partly because they have feelings too.  No one would like for someone else to point and laugh, not even a ghost.

Da Juana