Ghosts don’t always come inside the house. The other day I had one outside my window looking at me.

Richard and I were watching television although I can’t remember what was on. Whatever it was we were interested in I escaped for a moment and looked outside where the sun was shining through the window. When I did so, I saw a ghost man about six foot tall standing next to the window looking towards the door, leaning against the porch wall.

When he noticed me looking he turned towards the window and put his face against the glass. Now that would have been different but okay. The only thing a little undesirable about the whole thing was that he had on a clown suit and white face with red lips a little bigger than his lips and dark eyes. His clown suit was white as well and his hair was dark.

Okay, that was unnerving. Clowns are okay but. He stood smiling that exaggerated smile with his face pressed against the window but didn’t leave makeup on the window when he left.

I told Richard what I’d seen and walked over to the window to make sure of his height. Yeah it was about six foot.

For me, I don’t think he was wearing a clown suit to be funny but instead wanted to unnerve me because I know him. I’m not a big fan of his though and told him to go away because I think he’s carrying on a theme.

Ghosts can assume any form because they are capable of conscious thought but they can’t hurt you. You may hurt yourself trying to get away but they can’t do anything other than show up and sometimes touch you.

On the other side they’re much like they were right before they died and how they lived on earth. They can change however when the spiritual evolutionary scale makes them realize Karma is close and can be a b****.

He knows he has the time to try to torment a little more because he thinks it’s cute. Didn’t like him while he was alive although I tried and don’t care for him now.

Hey I’m human too with psychic and medium abilities. I try to be spiritual and love everyone and do mostly but that doesn’t mean that I want them around me.

Ghosts can be anything they choose for us humans to see.

It’s not unusual for animals to come to me before I meet people they loved while alive. That’s always a shock to that human’s system when someone like a dead ghost dog says hi.

There is nothing in this world that isn’t a ghost one day even while alive but that’s another story.

You know Halloween is coming and all those little ghostly goblins will be making the rounds. Wonder how many will have some friendly ghostly companions.

Da Juana Byrd