Ghosts relatives or things that go bump!

Ghosts are having a field day around my house right now. No, it’s not like the geese flying south or to the north each year. It’s not because they have to but rather because the ghostly visitors want to.

Ghosts make clear choices just as we humans do. After all, we’re only ghosts in physical clothing called the body. They’re not limited to the body though. So, they can do pretty much what they please. That is go visiting, fishing, playing dominoes or whatever it is they enjoyed on earth and those items they choose over there. Visiting is a big thing for them. And right now, ghostly loved ones are visiting my friends as well. Even the dog and cat are looking up to see who’s in the house.

Another thing that makes a ghost remarkable is they can come to the person they desire in a myriad of ways, from smoke to flesh and blood looking. Some spirits just make sounds as if the house is coming down or someone is walking in the attic.

Before I moved from my home, my dog, Mysti, would hit the wall right above my bed to say good night each time I went to bed. For me that was a comfort but when someone stayed over for the night such as my good friend, Dolores, (you jumped to conclusions, didn’t ya?) that wasn’t such a comfort. Because those kinds of things are out of the ordinary people tend to think a house is haunted. And it may be but just about everywhere you go really is if some well-meaning ghost wants to educate or have a bit of fun.

You see I communicate with them all the time and don’t have to really see them to do so. It’s a kind of shorthand when they only talk with me. But for others, such as my friend whose mother just passed away, that they get some kind of proof of the other side. Her mother is doing the same thing at her house that’s she’s doing at mine, just so I can relate that it’s really her.

Ghosts are mostly good people who you’d love to have visit you but there are some that can make you uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, just means y’all might not have gotten along while they were alive. Live people don’t always like all those who come into contact with them and we don’t generally associate with those that make us feel that way.

So next time you hear an unusual noise or someone call your name when you know you’re alone, anything out of the ordinary, after you’ve made sure then honey, you’ve been visited by a ghost.

Da Juana