Ghosts reminded me that time on earth is….

While driving the other day, ghosts reminded me that time on earth is only an instant compared to a real spiritual lifetime.

Driving along a familiar route, vacuuming and other like considered mindless chores make my talking with ghosts inevitable. When Oprah says you shouldn’t text or use your cell phone while driving, she didn’t mention speaking with the other side, something that is like breathing to me.

All of us have had those days when, while driving, we think about items and events in our lives. And most often we’re able to drive effectively while having those self-motivating soul conversations. My tendency is to do that while accomplishing my chores, as well, such as right now, while writing this blog. Ghosts are talking with me.

At any rate, I was thinking of my shoulder puppy, Madeline. What the vet had just told me made me want to mourn my sweet dog before her physical existence ended. In a moment the other side piped up and quietly reminded me that, because of the medical problem my lovely puppy has, she wasn’t expected to live as long as she has but that she is still with me.

They also mentioned in a very calm manner that I should be grateful for any time I have with her, which I truly am and to enjoy each moment like I counsel others to do. Then a very nice woman with a soft, melodious voice referred to the fact that a puppy’s life, as with all of us, is only a moment in time in comparison to the life of our spirits. She went on to relay that Madeline and I have been spirit friends for our spiritual lifetimes.

This gave me pause since even though I know there are past lives and Madeline and I’ve had one or two together that I know of off-hand, I hadn’t thought of us living most of our spirit’s lives together as well. And I do realize that time between lives isn’t really between life at all. The spirit never dies, just reinvents itself like the atom. This ghostly lady made me think and remember in a very good, helpful way.

So now to you who’s friends and relatives have dying issues, I’ll say with confidence, we’re all dying from the moment we’re born. Even if it’s living a long life and dying of old age or dying with some disease, it’s still the life we live that has meaning. So enjoy each moment for what it’s worth. Laugh and cry when you can. Relish all the emotions you have as a physical entity and know that this is only one part of your spiritual life, a great lesson recalled through my relationship with my dog.

Da Juana