Ghosts still reside in a home where I once lived.

Ghosts still reside in a home where I once lived.

The other day I got an email from the present owner of my old home. A friend, who still lives on the street, told this person how to contact me. Fear seeped into the email when recounting footsteps upstairs and other events that I’d also experienced. The family is well aware that they have otherworldly visitors now and not quite sure how to deal with the situation.

This brought back memories. Every home I’ve ever lived in has been “Haunted.” I’m really not in love with that word.

You see ghosts, like us, have conscious thought and can be anywhere they want with a thought. These particular entities choose to stay around that home for the time being. Since spirit has all the time in the world on the other side, this is just a moment to them. And there’s been a procession of psychic mediums living in that house since me. The same ghostly teachers and perhaps a few new ones are providing a hands-on education.

Obviously they like the new occupants of the house. Otherwise the ghosts wouldn’t be so free to let them know they’re living there too.

Da Juana

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