Ghosts Talk

You know how I spoke of cell phones in cars making my life better because no one acted funny when they saw me talking, hands-free, with ghosts. Well, I have found another item concerning cell phones that helps too. The other day in Wal-mart, one of my favorite shopping places because they have almost everything you could want but they have put a lot of moms and pops out of business so I do feel guilty when shopping there. Anyway, I saw a person talking in one of those little wrap around ear thingies. They were walking along, talking and shopping.

For me that was a wonderful thing. Never mind that you can hear voices often coming from above in Wal-mart without ever seeing a ghost. The new technology is quite exciting for me. With my long hair people can’t tell if I have one of those thingies on or not. When I walk along talking with a spirit, every one thinks I am talking to some loved one on this side. Spirits catch me at some less than opportune times. Before, when I spoke with ghosts, I had people tell me that when I started answering myself they would get worried. With the advent of new cell phone technology, for now, I am safe from the white coats.

Da Juana