Ghosts walk in……

Sometimes when a ghost shows up, gets my attention and tells me to tell someone they are here, that someone is not sure that they know the ghost even if the ghost continues to tell me they do.  This has happened to me before but thankfully, both the ghost and I are patient.  We know that the person will generally figure it out even if they don’t at the moment.More...

On most occasions that a ghost shows up, they give me enough information that I can paint a pretty good picture of who the person is.  One day, while doing a radio show, a woman called in and, of course, her dead grandmother came right in and told me her name was Effie.  When I told the woman that her grandmother Effie said hello she informed me she didn’t know what I was talking about.  Not to be dissuaded I listened to grandmother Effie tell me her name again and I told the woman that indeed it was Effie and even spelled it for her. 

We went back and forth like that for a few minutes until finally I asked, “Is your grandmother dead?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“What is her name,” I questioned?

“Why, Effie,” she answered!

I told her thanks and moved on to the next caller.  You see sometimes it takes a moment for the information to catch up to the person I’m telling.  In the first place they may expect me to have information but they really don’t think it will come like that.  So, they just say, “No,” to anything I say.  I’ve learned to wait with the ghost.

Da Juana