Ghosts will let you know they’re safe, alive and happy

Ghosts will let you know they’re safe, alive and happy but not always in the manner in which you think.

Because I’m a medium, I generally advise people about dead loved ones by being the emissary between the two worlds, really dimensions, but that’s for another lesson in physics.

As I teach others, I realize that sometimes even a medium can’t see the forest for the trees. Since I have dead loved ones, not just my dogs, but my father, a brother, numerous uncles, aunts and other loved ones on the other side, I sometimes try too hard to hear from them and feel at a loss when they don’t come at my beck and call. As you’ve heard from me more than once, they make up their own minds as to when to visit.

That can be very frustrating to me. But, thankfully, those dead loved ones who come to wish hello or to give other advice for people who want me to communicate with them most often show up for which I’m eternally grateful. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love telling them about those who’ve passed over but my frustration grows when my own family doesn’t drop all and come to see me.

As I’ve mentioned in my classes, more than likely it’s because I’m trying too hard. And when that frustration bleeds over into my human existence too much, then one of those loved ones finds a different approach to letting me know they’re still around. Most often, it’s through another person.

My brother and my father’s death are still raw. I find myself calling my daddy several times daily. If I were reading for you, I’d tell you that when you think of someone out of the blue who’s gone, then they’re with you at that moment. That’s what happens to me but I expect the full-blown conversation to ensue. Sometimes it does. At others, I’m left feeling empty except for some little sign that they’ve been there.

For the past few days, I’ve been calling out to my brother and my father: partially from missing them so much and partially because of the Seals because of they’re carrying through with their mission against Bin Laden. My brother was a Navy Seal and that means something to me because he was one of the ones who kept me free in what was supposedly a peaceful world at the time. I knew better but he didn’t give any word other than to tell us to watch the news before he carried out his duty.

Even though I don’t believe in war, because I want peace, I’m human. And if someone hits me I’m going to hit back. That’s the part that concerns me about my spirituality. But back to the Seals. I’ve become quite upset that the news media and perhaps our government would give up the names of those gallant men who carried out this mission. To me, this just isn’t right in any manner. That’s one of the things I expressed to my brother because of his involvement and pride in this branch of our armed services.

At any rate, I felt as if I couldn’t hear him and thought that he might have bigger fish to fry on the other side but he so lovingly gave me a sign that he heard me that I’m ecstatic.

My brother contacted a family member through what they perceived to be a dream. At the beginning, he told them that it wasn’t a dream, that he was alive and healthy, and that they needed to discuss some items, one of which was me, then they proceeded to talk all night long about differing family subjects until he told this person that the spouse was about to awaken them.

That person called me to let me know of the peace this brought to them. And it did for me as well.

Da Juana

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