Ghosts are some of the most patient spirits I’ve ever met.  Oh, and by the way, you’re a ghost too.  The only difference is that you wear a human body.  Not too many, what we perceive, live people are patient.  And I can’t complain because I’m right in there with the rest of them. More... 

But what I’ve noticed is that people who have passed over are more apt to be patient.  And thank God they are.  Can you imagine trying to talk with someone like me who is still labeled alive when you’re on the other side?  As good a medium as I am, some times I just don’t get it right.  What I’m hearing might not be quite what the message should be. 

Some months ago, I may have told you this but you get to hear it again, a very tall man (ghost) stood close to our entertainment center.  His patience struck me then.  He wasn’t making any moves or trying to get my attention.  His demeanor got all the attention he needed.  This man had a wonderful soul but he was not a shrinking violet and he wasn’t a pushy person either but he wouldn’t be pushed.  I remember thinking that I knew who he was but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  It was an overwhelming sense of “hello,” even though he never said a word. 

I’m generally used to pushy ghosts, someone who wants to be heard or seen.  By that I mean, when you start to talk with me and if you just happen to mention a person who’s passed over, they’ll usually march right up to me.  Sometimes they do it even if you don’t mention them. 

Most of the time I’ve noticed that they wait even when being pushy.  They give me the opportunity to decide whether I want to talk about them or not.  They’re very patient but if I don’t talk about them, they come again, and soon until I relay to the person they want me to that we’ve communicated.  They’re nothing like some rude people who wait in line at a movie theater though.  They don’t push, shove or shout but they still get noticed.  Well, some do push a little but they’re still patient.

Da Juana