Give Flowers to Those You Love!

As a thankful psychic/medium I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you should enjoy your life and those you love while you’re able.

Take the time to visit with and encourage those you love, including yourself. Most of us think we have all the time in the world, and we do. As each of us concludes the spiritual lessons we’re here to learn in life, or in an effort to help others learn, we leave this earth. We all become aware that time is not always our friend. But time, like everything else on earth, is only a spiritual lesson. Take the time to enjoy special relationships.

Many years ago I mentioned something to my daughter that I heard her repeat to me when my father died. As I was calling a florist to send flowers to my father one last time, I turned and asked my daughter if she’d like having her name on the flowers as well. She quickly answered, “No, I give my flowers to people while they’re alive so they can enjoy them.”

My first thought was thought with some pride in my daughter, “Oh, my baby is learning from me,” and my next was that the realization of those words I’d spoken to her so many years ago had come back home to me.

Guilt for not speaking with my father wasn’t there because we had a standing phone date each Saturday and we spoke in between those times when we could.
Yes, I could probably have made the trip to see him more often but I didn’t and I really don’t have guilt for that.

My life as a psychic/medium has been filled with people coming to me in order to talk one more time with those they love who’ve crossed over to the other side. Some tell me they had problems with the people who’ve passed and they want to say they’re sorry now. Others want to hear from the loved one because they have some sort of guilt for not being there for them when needed. Still others just want to hear from their deceased cherished one just one more time. And then there are others who want proof of life after death. It doesn’t matter the reason. People just want one more time to alleviate some condition they think they missed while the person was alive. That’s why I say, “Send your flowers-love and communication-before you lose them.

Flowers can come in many forms and don’t simply have to be floral. They can be in the words you speak to a loved one and in the things you do to bring comfort to them. They can come in the form of gratitude for their always standing there cheering you on through whatever event your trying to achieve. Flowers can be fresh food or stopping by the grocery for a moment and sudden little impulses to just say hello. Flowers can be anything you give to those you love while you still have that person on earth.

Speaking through a medium is not nearly as good as having a nice chat or stopping in for iced tea with a loved one. So, give flowers to your remaining loved ones while those loved ones are still able to communicate with you. Then you won’t need assistance from someone like me.

Da Juana