Global Warming.

Claude asked me to write today on a concern he has, global warming. He asked, “Is it real? Who will be affected most? Have we gone so far that we can’t recover?”


To him I answer, there is such a thing as global warming. We are in the midst of it right now. With all the disasters we have seen lately, we ought to take the earth’s warnings seriously. Like a dog who has been in the water, the earth does it’s best to shake off too many people because she knows that we have no regard for our planet home. We humans love to take and take. Sadly, in some of these respects, I am human too.


He asked what I see happening. Here it is. There will be more time elapse before we really feel that we can feel the effects of global warming. When that happens, we humans, in our usual manner, will try to stop what we started at the beginning of the industrial age. There will be more earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other unsettling events. There will also be something that appears to be a bomb on soil outside the US, possibly in Africa or Asia of a magnitude that we haven’t seen since Hiroshima. The after effects will cause the world, even the people who detonated it, to take a deep breath, exhale and say, “We have to stop this.” If they don’t, we will be past the point to help our earth. And did I say that the bomb might be detonated unintentionally? It may be a nuclear accident of some type.


Water eating away at the tail of South America will call more attention to this problem. Scientist will finally be able to say, without influence from those they receive grants from, that the earth has a problem. People will rush to help and find ways to do so but is it too little too late?


Will global warming magnify and destroy in my lifetime? I hear no but we need to stop it now. Do we have the resources to stop it now? Again, I hear that we do. Another titanic incident will make us take note.


Da Juana