How could one not see God in everything?

Looking around only makes it more evident that God is in everything.

I hear people arguing over whether evolution or creationism is correct. In my beliefs both are. Science proves the existence of God in just about every way it turns. And God shows how science is correct too. If you don’t think so, just take a look at DNA. See how closely related we are to monkeys but yet we are extremely different. And everything else has many parts of the same DNA, meaning God is in everything, united but separate too just as humans and monkeys are.

Another item that always brings God to my mind is fetuses and it doesn’t matter what kind. At a couple of points in their life cycle, they all look the same, even have a tail. But then they continue to grow into whatever animal they were to become.

One of these days, science will not be seen as if in opposition to God. Instead it will prove that there is the thread of God woven through everything we ever hope to see. We are coming ever closer to that day.

Da Juana