God’s Talking to This Psychic Medium

God’s Talking to This Psychic Medium

When you request anything from God by a question asked, you’ll get an answer whether you believe it or not.

God always answers questions. You may not like the response but you always get an reply.

A week or so ago this psychic medium asked a question that I asked once before many years ago having to do with my service here on earth. Because I’m human and humans are somewhat lazy beings I expected God to give me answers and boy did he. I was inundated with them in different ways.

Sometimes they aren’t so blatant but these have been.

As a psychic and medium I’m used to talking with the other side and getting answers but sometimes the lazy human comes out. This time I really wanted to know and put some other conditions on the answers. Here is one I got this very morning from Monica that was copied and pasted so that I could help others and she could too.

“Heard you I want to say on radio in Dallas in the early 90s. For whatever reason I felt the urge to reach out to you now. Not sure why and just out of the blue and so I am reaching out. So I don’t know what from here. Lol Thank you for your time Monica”

Well Monica, how does it feel to be an instrument of God? Also I have to say that when something like this happens you really do know why and you’re getting your answer with me. I thank you for your help in assistance with God and I’ll try to do what God told me. It has to do with working towards spiritual evolution and being the person you’re meant to be. Hope this helps you because it’s helped me and hopefully those that are reading it too.

Thank God questions are answered for this psychic and medium.


Da Juana Byrd