Gong Hee Fot Choy was the topic….

Gong Hee Fot Choy was the topic of conversation after a reading I did for a very nice lady the other day.  She said she loved ours and I told her that I did too.  I mentioned that I needed to rewrite some of the reports in the software because there are mistakes in punctuation and spelling but that I really did love this program.More...
I believe I’ve mentioned to you before how our computerized oracles work but just in case I haven’t, here goes.  Like any other oracle, such as tarot or even a reading from me, I pick up on your energy along with some information from the other side, all my different senses and my sixth one too. 
In the computerized version, you think of a question even if it’s, what’s my day going to be like today, then you push the button to see what’s happening for you.  Your energy does the work.  It looks out into your future, whether immediate or further, then puts the cards in their correct houses.  Then when you read it and find out later that event passed that day, you’re amazed.
One example is right before Mysti died, I got a card in the house of death which stated that I was worried about someone in my immediate household dying.  The card came up again and again until Mysti went to the other side.  Right after her death, it stated that someone in my household had died.  Now how can a computer know that?  Well, it’s our energy.
Just a little psychic tip. 
Da Juana