Good memories….

It’s always good when you can hear voices from the past especially when they’re good memories attached and when they bring up even more good memories of people you love to remember.

Lately I’ve been thinking lots of my father perhaps because he had his rebirth day on February 22 as he told me after he died when I wished him happy birthday on his usual day of birth. So, it’s probably no wonder that I’m going down memory lane but I got extra on this bright cheery day.

Today I got a call from a man who bought a piece of property that I once owned. He caught me up on the neighbors in good old down-home country talk and we discussed the land and how it’d changed. Though I’m not one to go back to a place I once owned because I feel that’s always in the past I was surprised at how I loved this jaunt down memory-lane.

Finding out about those I was once neighbors with took on new meaning. I learned that someone I really respected had finally gone on to be with his dead wife and others that had some impact on my life were still alive and well living as we all do with the good and the bad of life only to receive spiritual gratification, hopefully, one day. Actually it was nice.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting wiser or as some might choose words closer to older that I’m having intense warm feelings over getting that call. Whatever the reason I enjoyed the camaraderie shared with a man I don’t know but one who loves my old place as much as I did. I wish him and his many happy feelings for the future and hope that he gets his desires met at a place that warms my heart.

My wish for you is that you have good memories too.

Da Juana

P. S. Read your to see what type day you’ll have.