Good news….

Good news is something everyone loves to hear or be a part of no matter who they are or how they’ve been feeling.  Get a little good news and you’re better for days.  That’s been my day today.More... 

There’s all kinds of good news like:  a baby leaving the hospital, knowing you’re going to visit friends or relatives you haven’t seen for ages, finding out a friend is getting something they really want or even winning the lottery.  But there is so much more that good news does for you.  It’s heady.  It makes you light-hearted and happy. 

Good news can be a compliment which I love to give those who deserve it even though my husband tells women that I give compliments to, that I’m a Lesbian.  Should I capitalize that?  But I’m not a Lesbian.  His making that comment and seeing the look on their faces generally keeps my use of compliments to a minimum for women.  Still I give compliments because I like giving them wherever they’re due even though there’s a penalty involved if Claude’s around.  And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being gay either.  Some of my wonderful friends are.  Before you go telling me that’s an abomination before God, remember God made them too just like you.  Most didn’t ask to come here gay, or so they believe.  Think about it.  Is there any way that you would have ever wished that you were born gay?  It’s almost like being psychic.  When I was growing up psychic/medium, I kept it quiet because I knew how others would feel about me.  So you can see I have sympathy for those looked at in this way.  Even poor Claude has been looked at in less than appetizing ways because he’s married to me.    

But back to good news.  Have you had any today or have you been able to give it to someone else?  I hope you have.

Da Juana