Gosh, most of my friend’s birthdays are this month.

Gosh, most of my friend’s birthdays are this month. It only took me a few years, just now really, to decide that October is a truly good birth month. This is not only because I’ve always loved my birthday but because I’ve noticed a continuing pattern as well. There is one heck of a lot of people born in the month of October.

Last night, while out with friends, I noticed how many people were getting “Happy Birthday” songs sung. And in case you haven’t noticed, then I’ll mention its lots. The same thing happened last week while we were out celebrating another of our friend’s birthdays. Almost all my friends are born in October or have Libra in their birth charts.

Now I know most don’t like to think their parents ever did anything in order to get babies here but either they were trying to stay warm or…….in the months of January and February. And I won’t even go into those who have large families. We’re talking about birth months here.

Sorry to make you think of your parents having the “S” word but you know they’re only human too. Besides some parents like it.

Back to my birthday month. I know I’ll probably not keep Libra as my sign in my next life but I hope it’s prominent in my chart. And I know I can make it so because I’ve truly loved it this time around.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Libra.

Da Juana

P. S. To see your birthday horoscope, check out www.dailyhoroscopes.com.