Got this and wanted to answer

Information below was sent to me before Christmas and I can now answer his questions.

“I’m not really to familiar with the “psychic world” (I acutaly didn’t know how to spell psychic correctly :P) I’m a 19 year old college student and i feel it’s about time i share some of my experiences with someone and maybe get some answers. To be honest, i don’t really take psychic’s seriously, when i see them on T.V. i just sorta tell myself that their all just Hustlers trying to show off talents they don’t possess to exploit beleivers. It’s harsh i know, but recently without thinking at all about nothing answers sort of “pop” into my head unexpectedly and much to my surprise they are correct. A few days ago i was playing with a deck of cards and without thinkng. i guessed 7 cards in a row, but when i started to “think” about what i was doing i started o miss. It’s very hard to explain, i dunno if that’s how “Real Psychics” do it or whatever but i think that’s the trick. It just bothers me not having answers especially when it involves my mental capacity.

So am i just crazy or what?”

No, you are not crazy. And though you think that we psychics are just hustlers, you have just found out that you may be one of them too, a real psychic. The thing with the cards is just a game I play to hone my talents. Many times in my life I thought of never coming out of the psychic closet because people would believe like you do. I am not a hustler. I think Karma has caught up with you. Now you are having to ask some of the heavier questions about life.

With your being a college student, you must know that you need to keep an open mind. In doing so, you can allow that your guessing the cards in a row is pretty fantastic. The other part of this confession is that you did it 7 times in a row. The number 7 is a very spiritual number and is accorded mystic qualities in religions all over the world. Me, I just go with the flow. And though I like to study such as that, I need proof for everything I do. That comes for me when I do readings. Watching people get flustered because I know something about their lives that I shouldn’t is the best confirmation for me about my psychic abilities.

Now, you can either buy my book, “Ghosts Talk,” and learn how to use your psychic abilities or you can continue to play with the cards and do other activities that make you use your ability. The only difference is that you will see what I know too and give yourself confirmation that you are on the right track. From where I am looking, with what you have told me, you can make your ability grow.

I would say good luck but luck is not something I believe in. Instead I will tell you to keep up the good work and always, always question.

Da Juana