Got this and will answer it.

“I just read your posting about your Uncle James and had a question. What did you mean by “not since he returned to body”? Did you mean that he has returned for another life? How is he able to visit you in your dreams if that is the situation? I have always heard that you see all of your loved ones who have died before you when you pass over. I had wondered how you would see them if you didn’t die until after they had returned.

Thank you for your column. It is one of my first stops every evening.

Jill C”

OK Jill, this is what I have seen and what has been told to me by the other side. And by the way, it is explained more fully in my book, “Ghosts Talk.”

All people are spirits. As a matter of fact, everything is spirit. With that being the case, your spirit can be in multiple places at the same time. After all, it doesn’t have to confine itself to the body. A physical body is a prison of sorts but the spirit can escape those bounds and return anytime it likes even when the person is not consciously aware.

Last night, for instance, Claude, in one of the first times since his stroke, and right before he was fully asleep, startled and let out a muffled cry. When I asked him what was wrong he told me that he felt as if he were falling. That’s when I told him that he was going out of body. He hasn’t allowed that in so long because he has truly felt out of control of everything and starting the process of going out of body startled him so he stopped it immediately.

Hope I have helped.

Da Juana