Last week, I took off a couple of days to make a run to see my grandchildren.  It wasn’t nearly enough time.  It seemed that right after I got there we had to leave. More... 

The youngest will be nine months old October 3rd and our oldest there is seven and quite the genius.  As a matter of fact, they both are and it’s not just because they’re mine.  The baby weighs twenty-four pounds of pure muscle.  He can’t even sit up on his own yet but he can talk.  All of us in this family tend to be early talkers.  Can you believe it?  Knowing me, I guess you can. 

While on the phone with his mother, several times I’d heard him say things such as mama and da da but everyone laid that off to my being his GG.  But that’s not the case.  Since I was there, he has been singing, saying his brother’s name and saying my mama, plus and get this, he got up on his knees to crawl.  GG let him do it.  Of course, my daughter hasn’t put him on the floor because she thinks he’ll be her last one.  But GG did. 

While I was holding him, I would sing using La..La.. La..La, La La La La, La La La, goodbye.  As I was packing our car, he started singing La La La.  Isn’t that precious?

Not to be outdone, oh God, I sound like a proud grandmother, his older brother has a perfect score in school.  See I told you they are smart.  They say it runs on the mother’s side of the family.  I can see that.

Da Juana