Grandmother’s ghost……

Tricia wrote of her dead grandmother’s ghost visit to her while she was hospitalized.  If you don’t mind my answering, this might help others too.More...

“Hi Da Juana,
I love your blog – I read it all the time. Speaking of grandmothers, I have to ask you a question. In early November I ended up in emergency surgery with a full abdominal blockage. My doctor told me I didn’t have many hours left that I would have died if I hadn’t come to the ER when I did. After surgery a good friend of mine was with me in recovery and the move to my hospital room. After everything was plugged in and the crowd cleared she told me I looked at her and said “Sherrie, please tell my grandma she can go now.” I sadly have no memory of this. My grandmother has been gone for 7 years but I was very close to her my whole life. My friend didn’t tell me about this for about 6 weeks but when she did I felt in my heart that my grandma was with me. Do you know if she was? Did she make me stay or come to guide me across if I didn’t make it? I’m very comforted at the thought that she may have been with me.
Thanks Da Juana! Happy New Year!

Yes, Tricia, your grandmother was there and because you were out of it so to speak, you were able to tell your friend, Sherrie that your grandmother didn’t have to wait on you any more.

No one can make you stay on this side or go to the other.  That is a choice and very much up to you although it’s sometimes subconscious acceptance or declining.  She will come again along with three other people when your time comes.  The lady was only there to comfort.

Isn’t it nice that although you didn’t realize she was there consciously, you did on a very supernatural basis.

Happy New Year Y’all!

Da Juana