Grand’s that are talented…..

Parents are generally proud of their children but when you have grand’s that are talented in the same manner you are, and I mean as psychic and mediums, I don’t know about you but I’m very proud.

While visiting my daughter this week my oldest grand opened the oven. When asked why, this extraordinary child said that he saw smoke and thought it was coming from the oven. His mother and I both knew it wasn’t coming from the oven but my grand needed to be as logical as his grandmother in analyzing the situation before making the correct assumption that he saw a ghost.

My daughter doesn’t like the idea that her children are like her mother, even when she is too. She wants everyone to be normal, her words. As much as I try to impart that we are all normal, using God’s gifts, her desire is that none of us have these talents. But beaming grandmother, well, let’s just say, she’s proud.

Later, when my grandson was in his room, I saw the smoke materialize very close to the ceiling, and then she swept across the room, turned in the hall and made it through my grand’s door, the easy way, without opening it.

My oldest granddaughter was sitting close to me and I mentioned what I’d just seen, then I called my grandson. When he came out, I acknowledged that I’d just seen the smoke materialize and scamper to his room.

His first question was, “Is it papaw,” to which I answered “no?” His next question was, “Mamma?” When I answered, “yes,” a smile formed and I could tell that he felt as if a guardian angel had just manifested in his life, and it had.

He and I have to keep some secrets together because it upsets his mother too much. As I told him afterwards, some people don’t understand. And what they don’t comprehend makes them fearful. So, it’s better to be quiet at times than to be excited that you saw something others can’t.

GG generally doesn’t allow a bighead but, she’s got it over her grand. As Saturday Night Live proclaimed, “Is that so wrong?”

Da Juana