We had a very nice Thanksgiving, ate more than enough, and had some very good camaraderie going on too. Hope you had a wonderful one too.


This year I am able to look out in my back yard and for the first time in a few years really see fall colors happening. It occurred to me that trees, like us, are individuals (I knew this but it comes up again sometimes) though they might have the same genus. In our yard, we have some red oaks that are coloring up spectacularly. Each turns its own shade of scarlet and each does it at differing times and in differing manners. But that makes for some very interesting viewing. And believe me, I’m viewing. With the backdrop of green cedars, the oaks are magnificent. And did I mention the elms. Cedar Elms, American Elms, oh, my!


This, along with Thanksgiving, has made me more aware of how much I should be grateful for. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some trying times lately and know there are more to come but I’m so lucky too. And as you have heard me say many times before, we make our own luck. Right now I would like to be just a little luckier, say Claude had his sight back and a few other minor items but I’m proud of what I have too.


Claude and I and the two girls are all better now. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re alive and can keep on growing spiritually on this side for a moment. And I get to look at God’s glory.


Yeah, I have a lot to be grateful for. What might you be grateful for?


Da Juana