Guess what? Another one!

Just too good. Read what she has to say and maybe you will enjoy how I answered.

“Hi Da Juana,

I wanted to share an amazing experience with you. After a very emotional and deep conversation with a deceased friend, I finally had a contact dream. I actually went to visit him at the cemetery and started my conversation with him by saying that I have been looking for him. I apologized for not thanking him enough when he was alive for being who he was and for having such a huge impact in my life. I ended the conversation by telling him that I love him and promising that I will always look for him.

That night in my dream, I met him at a party, ran up to him and I gave him a great big hug. I knew he was dead, but he yet he was so alive in the dream. He did look very different and I felt like I was smothering him.

Skeptic Nancy tried to convince myself it was nothing but a wish fulfillment dream. Whatever it was, I thank God for it and I thank my friend for the visit. After all these years, and realms apart, he is still “there” for me!!!”

As I said in the title, “Guess what? You got one of the best gifts of all.”

Let me say that spirit doesn’t stay in graveyards often. Most of them move away and do things they desire. But each of them has a choice. Your friend made the choice to visit you in your dreams in a party setting so that you would know not to mourn for him. You also saw atht he was still alive but you knew he was dead. That is a part of that type dream where a loved one comes back to speak with loved ones. A ghosts (entity) comes in dreams because that is one of the easiest ways to communicate with those of us still on earth. Although they can come to us anytime, we humans might have a very hard time with them. So he gave you one of the best gifts of all. Himself and knowledge.

Feel blessed.

Da Juana